Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ketchum and Sun Valley update

So last week we didn't get a Mountain Report from the Sun Valley Ski Patrol, but we are happy to see we got snow on the Mountain. Below is another video from the Ski Patrol show the weather conditions on the 16th.

We are hoping to have the same conditions this coming week. According the weather report we are expected to have more snow with a slight chance of rain on Monday. Either way the snow guns will be running on Bald and Dollar Mountain, as long as weather permits.

The end of the season is here and it great to find deals on lodging and ski rentals. We received so much positive feedback when we offered the More For Your Money special we had in March that we decided to extend the special until the end of June. So all of you hiker, bikers and mountain enthusiasts take advantage of this vacation deal.

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