Friday, May 23, 2008

Botanical Garden in Gimlet

During the past week we were able to view the often overlooked wildlife at the Botanical Garden. We took a few pictures, but here our best one. See if you can spot the creature?

Did you find it?

The Sawtooth Botanical Garden is located just about five miles south of Ketchum. This small group was able to purchase a five-acre site, build a community building with a solar greenhouse, and begin their dream of establishing a Public Garden. During the summer you can enjoy the unique beauty and diverse plant life of our region. You can visit the Sawtooth Botanical Garden's website to view their special events and other information.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fishing on the Snake

South Fork of the Snake this last weekend was pretty good fishing. The water is coming up so may not be as good later this week. Remember this river is within 3 hours of Sun we have lots of opportunity for fishing now even though the Big Wood is closed until the 24th......

Weather has been great for biking and lots more hiking trails opening up. Fishing opens up the 24th Saturday, Silver Creek should be good, Big Wood is running high so fishing will be only marginal but there are other small and large lake options. The half-marathon is also this weekend if your a runner and mountain biking is good down south, Townsand Gulch is a nice ride big hill and a great downhill...Golf course is open also and tennis courts are available....lots to do here

for Memorial Day Weekend. Come on up....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flying Trees

Sun Valley Company is cutting the Gondola line today and tomorrow....check out the chopper with the trees attached......they are getting ready then will fly the towers and cross arms in September. Still lots of snow on the hill, no hiking yet. Tonight is the Livestrong bike ride...more photos on that is still cool so runoff is still to even snowed yesterday..yikes.. Weekend warm up is on the way...make your plans to visit..
Stay tuned for more photos of the bike event tomorrow.
If you have photos send them or post them with a comment.
Food & Wine event and Sawtooth Relay are coming is the Sun Valley 1/2 Marathon........

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring is here...a bit late...but it's here!

Finally the snow is....gone!!!!! We have been getting sunny days and I see everybody on the bike path. I guess this means its time to WALK to work!....yeah right! :-) I'm also starting to see more criters running around. Here's a picture of a beaver. My friend at work brought in some pictures she took during the weekend and she let me use it. They took several pictures of the beaver but this was the best one. Hope you like...

She also has a video of the little guy swimming around. I forgot to save it on my computer, but I'll try and post it tomorrow!!!

Anyway....time to enjoy the Sun!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


May is here.....its hike and bike time. Get your bike tuned up and get out your camping gear ready. Summer is just around the corner. You can't fish yet but you can take your canoe out on Silver Creek and see all kinds of wildlife. There are lots of birds, ducks and the moose hangs out down there also. Go later in the day when the weather is sure to check in at the center ....that's all there is to it. Bike bath is clear, Livestrong ride on May 13th at 5:30 leaving Ketchum....its for fun and a great cause so get out and ride. More updates and photos to come...this was from last June along the Big Wood.....