Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Howard Preserve BBQ

This picture is from the Howard Preserve BBQ last weekend. Mike Howard a homeowner in the Christophe Complex, hosts a BBQ in Bellevue at the Howard Preserve. Mikes family donated several acres of open space to the Wood River Land Trust for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to Mike and his family....

Fishing was good on the Big Wood over the weekend, cool evenings and warm days are helping.

Road bike riding is perfect temps are 65-75 and so you can get a sweat going and be comfortable. If your looking to mountain bike ride Fisher Creek is great and the trees are just beginning to turn.

The new golf course is open and so is the restaurant and the views are outstanding...call as they have special t-times with special rates.

September and October still have plenty of events and activities so check out the web site here and a couple to look at Trailing of the Sheep and Jazz Jamboree.....

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